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Multimedia Developer, Songwriter, Screenwriter, Musician, Actor, Engineer, Programmer, Animator

withRackMichael is a multi-talented individual who never learned that enough is enough. A never-ending quest for knowledge has driven him to pursue many fields.
• Summa graduate in Computer Science
• In Who's Who in Media and Communications
• Creator of Element 115 show
• Pioneer in digital video production / special FX
• Teacher of multimedia software
• Electrician and electrical engineer
• Author/Programmer of digital curricula
• Multi-instrument musician

MMlogoThough multimedia production may not be "rocket science," Michael received his education in electronics and signal processing on missile development projects in the 1980's, while multimedia was in its embryonic stages of development. In 1985, he started using a MacPlus to create software development documentation (Structure Charts, Data Flow Diagrams, etc). In 1990, a radio station contest was the motivation for Michael and a couple of friends to make a music video. The process of writing, storyboarding, taping, editing, and post-production was too much fun to let pass by, so Michael retired from government work and began immersing himself in multimedia production.

Taking the newest Macintosh computer (Mac IIfx with RasterOps video board & MPEG compressor) and S-VHS video equipment, he started making TV commercials for 1/10 the price of the major producers in Phoenix. He figured out ways to make animation at a fraction of the price of the big-boys as well, and eventually found a niche in computer-based training for K-12 and corporate markets. Having produced over 100 titles in this market, his work landed him in Who's Who in Media and Communications in 1999. His LaserTyping game (the computerization of a patented process by Peter O. Dixon) teaches touch typing in an amazingly short and fun period of time, and is sold around the world!

When Apple brought QuickTime™ to internet browsers, and computers became fast enough to process it, Michael was among a handful using video on the web. Immediately, from famous guitarists to political leaders, Michael provided the future of the web…and it was video.

discsetIn 1996, attending the Brussels, Belgium, DVD Consortium, while Sony and Matsushita were hashing out the protection scheme for content of the proposed new disc called DVD, Michael was designing his Promo-Pak. It became a staple presentation package for a wide variety of talent and service providers. The double clam-shell case with a CD, a DVD, a multi-page booklet, and a glossy photo wrapper has been used for bands, martial artists, and service providers of many industries.

With his own TV shows and DD channel (digital distribution), Michael is always working on bringing facts, actual science, and truth to the ever growing group of people starving for same.

CasperMany scenes of "Born To Ride 2010," were filmed at his house, so Michael had the opportunity to participate in the making of a major motion picture. Shooting behind-the-scenes, he learned the nuts and bolts of movie making, while witnessing the writer/director struggles, money woes, and other unpredictable events which all try to thwart the completion of a movie project. (Casper Van Dien in pic)

sealMichael started playing guitar and harmonica at age 9, then learned to play bass, keyboards, drums, and various other instruments that ended up in his musical collection. He sings, performs and produces with various artists on a variety of albums, and is often invited to perform with various acts.

jca01One of his accomplishments is the creation of a MIDI to ANIMATION converter, which is used to display AL the Alien (drummer) for the band Element 115. Using only a Macintosh laptop, an entire rock show with a video wall, robotic lights, programmable harmonizers and more is run with just an occasional keystroke.

Michael and his wife taught their son at home from 3rd through 11th grades. Going through the curricula again, this time with a computer-education mindset, helped spawn many a fun, educational game with which thousands of children got to play and learn at the same time. - EDUTAINMENT -

Always looking to the solution side of issues, Michael is the right guy to have on your team to help solve problems when they pop up.

CONTACT: michael@ultramedia.us - 602 485-9190


• Video Production

Starting with a pair of Panasonic AG-1960 recorders and a control module, Michael began video production as soon as he quit his defense electronics career in 1990. Soon graduating to a Mac IIfx, RasterOps video boards with compression modules, and a video switcher, he started making commercials for 1/10 the price of his competition, that included graphic compositing, and even some 3D. In 1994, he was coding CD-I titles with video for the corporate and education markets, and he put video on Michael Schenker's website back in 2001 in a shockwave video player coded in Macromedia's Director program. While having beta tested Premier 1.0, once Final Cut came out, he started making videos for corporations and bands with as many as 30 layers of content all moving at once.

Now, shooting for the Ultimate Network shows, and doing screenplays for movies, Michael is still using state-of-the-art gear to bring the newest video flair to client productions.

Clients include:

Exodus TV
National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM)
Educational Management Group
POD Education
Cruise America
SummitLIFE, Sedona
Advanced Learning Technologies
6 Degrees
Element 115
Serve Community Church

Ultimate Cannabis Show Sizzle Reel

NICABM Sample Video

How To Choose a Guitar

Music Video

• Automotive

daytonanovaFrom creating custom cars from scratch, to swapping out a radiator, Michael has experience under the hood, and under the chassis. From designing and building street rods like this custom Daytona Corvette, circa 1984 (with one-of-a-kind rear cap, infrared laser alarm, echosorb radar reflection reduction, 4-stage sequencing taillights and custom suspension) to this hopped-up Nova, to recently repaired GMC trucks, a Buick and a Mitsubishi, Michael understands, has the tooling for, and repairs many makes and models. Whether it's a quick oil change and brake job, or an engine rebuild and replace, all cars are fixed quickly. (No transmission rebuilding, please).


• 3D Printing

dentalEver think of something new, that you could hold in your hand...if only one had ever been made? Just about anything can be recreated in 3D modeling software, and printed out via 3D printer in ABS plastic.

Having started 3D design in 1991 with Virtus Walkthrough, mastering Macromedia's 3D, and working with other modeling and animation tools such as Cheetah and Poser, Michael has decades of experience in the 3D world.

Some of his designs include a dental light replacement cap, dual axis pivoting mirror holder, grow light holder that mounts to standard pvc pipe, CD holding rack, and even an HHO system.

With new media made of wood and metal particles, amazing simulations can be done not only on the video screen, but in the real world as well!

• Data Acquisition and Analysis

missilesMichael designed test equipment utilizing some of the earliest computer controlled stimulus and measurement equipment from HP, Tektronix and other high-end military technology vendors. Supplying simulated targets to fuze systems and reading responses over all kinds of environmental extremes, and providing a nice graphic output to the technician pushing the buttons was what the early 80's held for him. When the desktop publishing revolution happened, providing documentation to Mil Spec requirements for software design on these systems was what the latter half of the decade required. That's when multimedia happened, and that's when Michael retired from government work.

As seen on BBC Discovery and other channels on the show "The Investigators," Michael is also well versed in video and photographic analysis.

• Internet Products

Starting with hand-coding html, then going to FrontPage, then Dreamweaver, Michael has been coding web sites since two phone lines combined together created ISDN. Though he uses WordPress for many clients, today's world of php hackers has caused him to re-make this site in html using Dreamweaver once again.

Multimedia isn't complete without digital video, and all levels of video production are available through Ultramedia, from a green-screen bio, to a music video, to a full-screen theatrical release movie.

While producing television episodes on a variety of topics, most of those shows will soon be delivered to the American and Foreign audience utilizing new Digital Distribution Apps residing on modern TVs. The Ultimate Motorcycle Show, Ultimate Cannabis Show, and others in the works are coming soon. Michael also does LIVE STREAMING of events. Along with the above websites, Michael also created OneManOneBand.com, KirlinOriginals.com, WolfOnTheMoon.com, SkeletonBoy.com, SedonaUFOs.tv, Element115theBand.com, GoodFeelins.com, Terranomaly.us, WakeUpAndDoSomething.com and many more.

• iOS & MacOS App Developer

Please click here for details on apps developed by Ultramedia.

CONTACT: michael@ultramedia.us - 602 485-9190


40 circuitsFrom rewiring the cord on a lamp, to installing 40-circuit panels, Michael is comfortable at 240V and under. He's custom wired everything from 32ga to 00, from assembling under a 30x scope to mounting and wiring 200 Amp service, to custom designing electrical circuits for exotic medical, energy, automotive, and other industries.

A couple of memorable experiences include wiring a few thousand square feet of 12x20 rooms for bands to practice in (lots of outlets), turning a 20 circuit dental office into a 40 circuit dental office (picture) and crawling between floors in a Phoenix hi-rise installing all new lighting and switching (sharp steel edges everywhere!).

From satellites to electric pool heaters (recommend a solar feed for that), Michael has decades of experience in electronics.

CONTACT: michael@ultramedia.us - 602 485-9190


at2When you see the picture of Michael at age 2 with a Gibson in his lap, you know that he knew that music was in his future! It wasn't long before he was playing the guitar for real. As stated above, he started adding instrument after instrument to his collection and ability, and at 15, started playing bass professionally at the Cattle Thieves Steakhouse in Scottsdale.

shogunAt 18, he formed SHOGUN in Prescott, and they performed regularly at the once famous St. Michael's Underground on the corner of Whiskey Row.

In the '80s, he put SEAL together, which was an original power rock band similar to Journey and Heart (long before the performer Seal was known).

Fox 10In 2005, Michael and his family formed Element 115, the band with the ET drummer. Having a difficult time finding a drummer progressive enough to carry out the concept of a digital power band, Michael created a 3D animated ET drummer by writing a MIDI to animation converter. The result, AL the Alien drummer, was projected on a 12 foot plasma video wall, and FOX 10 loved it! Click the pic on the right for the video! See THIS SITE for more on Element 115.

DemolitionIn 2011 he became the lead guitar and male voice of Demolition, a Tribute to the Wrecking Crew of '60s California fame. With his ability to imitate voices, Michael had fun with songs from Johnnie Rivers, Elvis, Beach Boys, Association, Mamas and Papas, and the 5th Dimension.

In 2015, he joined Terranomaly, and still writes and performs with that group. They released an album called "Wake Up" and are now producing a new album called "Do Something."

ONEIn 2017, Michael made a new show with him playing every instrument, and singing all the parts to forty-five great classic rock songs from Bad Company, Doobie Brothers, Hollies, Stone Temple Pilots, Def Leppard, John Mellencamp, Bon Jovi, and dozens more. That act is called ONE. It features Michael playing guitar, keys, drums, bass, and singing backgrounds on a video wall, while he performs and sings lead live. For more on ONE, visit ONE MAN ONE BAND.


CONTACT: michael@ultramedia.us - 602 485-9190