After two years of constant marketing to WAKE UP people, my former business partner turned against me and has removed the album from distribution. That means I get to write ANOTHER album with a correlating message. It will be called BE HAPPY, and I have a few tracks in the works for it. It will be performed, produced, and brought to you by my new act ONE.

If you want one of MY PERSONALLY PURCHASED AND OWNED WAKE UP CD’s that I had made (the first and only 1,000 ever made) then order here, but you have to do it in bunches. These are the only ones left on Earth.

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My NEW band, though, is ONE. ONE is the scenario where no one else can screw you over. ONE is where one guy does every function. ONE is taking Element 115 and Terranomaly just ONE step further.

Visit OneManOneBand.com for more info on this new project.

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