ONE Begins the Terranomaly Album

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ONE is re-recording all the tracks on the Terranomaly WAKE UP album, and re-releasing the songs written by Macpherson on a new album by the name of Terranomaly, created entirely at Ultramedia Studios. The amazing message of the album was attempted to be squashed by JBM Entertainment who filed copyright on the songs without a contract from the author of those songs. He then pulled the album from distribution.

Rather that destroy what’s left of a pitiful remnant of a musician/artist, Macpherson has decided to re-write the chord beds under the songs and use his lyrics, melody lines and guitar work from the WAKE UP album on this new album to ensure the message stays in the public eye.

You can hear the new versions of the songs on Vimeo, YouTube, and the album’s own site,

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