Multimedia Developer, Songwriter, Screenwriter, Musician, Actor, Engineer, Programmer, Animator

Michael is a multi-talented individual who never stops striving to learn. A never-ending quest for knowledge has FirstCDphotodriven him to pursue many fields.

• Summa graduate in Computer Science
In Who’s Who in Media and Communications
• Creator of Element 115 show
Pioneer in digital video production / special FX
• Teacher of multimedia software
Electrician and electrical engineer
• Author/Programmer of digital curricula
Multi-instrument musician
• Lecturer on Constitution/Declaration

Though multimedia production may not be “rocket science,” Michael received his education in electronics and signal processing on missile development projects in the 1980’s, while multimedia was in its embryonic stages of development. In 1990, a radio station contest was the motivation for Michael and a couple of friends to make a music video. The process of writing, storyboarding, taping, editing, and post-production was too much fun to let pass by, so Michael retired from government work and began immersing himself in multimedia production.


LaserTyping Screen Shot

Taking the newest Macintosh computer (Mac IIfx) and S-VHS video equipment, he started making TV commercials for 1/10 the price of the major producers in Phoenix. He figured out ways to make animation at a fraction of the price of the big-boys as well, and eventually found a niche in computer-based training for K-12 and corporate markets. Having produced over 100 titles in this market, his work landed him in Who’s Who in Media and Communications in 1999. His LaserTyping game (the computerization of a patented process by Peter O. Dixon) teaches touch typing in an amazingly short and fun period of time, and is sold around the world!

Promo-Pak CD/DVD package 1996

When Apple brought QuickTime™ to internet browsers, and computers became fast enough to process it, Michael was among a handful using video on the web. Immediately, from famous guitarists to political leaders, Michael saw the future of the web…and it was video.

In 1996, Michael was at the DVD Consortium in Brussels, Belgium. While the parties were hashing out the protection scheme for content of the upcoming new disc called DVD, Michael was designing his Promo-Pak, which has become a staple presentation package for a wide variety of talent and service providers. The double clam-shell case with a CD, a DVD, a multi-page booklet, and a glossy photo wrapper has been used for bands, martial artists, and service providers of many industries.

Casper Van Dien and Michael on the Set


With his ViewkBox® video player and new video B-roll source site, Michael is continuously experimenting and inventing in the digital domain.

Many scenes of the movie “Born To Ride,” were filmed at his house, so Michael had the opportunity to participate in the making of a major motion picture. Shooting behind-the-scenes, he learned the nuts and bolts of movie making, while witnessing the writer/director struggles, money woes, and other unpredictable events which all try to thwart the completion of a film project.

Michael playing guitar

2008 Roswell UFO Festival

Michael started playing guitar and harmonica at age 9, then learned to play bass, keyboards, drums, and various other instruments that ended up in his musical collection. He sings, performs and produces with various artists on a variety of albums, and is often invited to perform with various acts.


AL the ET drummer with Element 115


One of his accomplishments is the creation of a MIDI to ANIMATION converter, which is used to display AL the  Alien (drummer) for the band Element 115. Using only a Macintosh laptop, an entire rock show with a video wall, robotic lights, programmable harmonizers and more is run with just an occasional keystroke.

Michael also teaches Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, DVD Studio Pro, Bryce, Poser, Flash, Dreamweaver, Director, Pro-Tools, and Peak. If you stick him in an airplane, he can fly that, too.

Michael and Branscombe Richmond

Michael and Branscombe Richmond

Always looking to the solution side of issues, and with a wealth of experience and technical expertise, you definitely want Michael on your team to help solve problems when they pop up.