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Production on Terranomaly’s Album Complete

Production on Terranomaly’s Album Complete

Tracks recorded at Ultramedia Studio have been included and released on Terranomaly’s Wake Up album. The CD is a 42-minute collection of songs designed to guide the listener through the stages of well, being pissed-off when realizing that everything you’ve been told is a lie.

From innocence, to disbelief, denial, fear, anger, frustration, and rage, eventually we get to the point where we say, “Those evil guys are really good at what they do. They can stay over there, and I’ll be over here.” This is done not in anger, but in a desire to remain separate from their fear-control reality.

The album is really good, and worth a listen, if not a purchase for every one of your friends.

Concert Raises Money For “Wrecking Crew” Movie

Wrecking Crew Pamphlet


Concert Raises Money For “Wrecking Crew” Movie

The evening started with a movie produced by Denny Tedesco called “The Wrecking Crew.” The royalties and fees for the music in the film exceed $300,000, and the movie is too good to not be released. That’s a pair of circumstances requiring help for all but the 1%, and Denny isn’t in that 1%.

The Wrecking Crew was responsible for the tracks in wax that made DJ’s  coast-to-coast talk like auctioneers for 5 seconds during the musical intros of “Little Bit Me, Little Bit You,” “He’s A Rebel,” “Dizzy,” “Cherry Cherry,” “Surf City,” “The Beat Goes On,” “Boots (Were Made For Walkin’),” and literally THOUSANDS more! Timing is everything, but innate talent and outside-the-box thinking certainly didn’t hurt the individuals responsible for the recording of virtually every hit record out of LA from 1961 to 1972.

The guitar magic of Tommy Tedesco (Denny’s father, responsible for Bonanza, Green Acres, Batman Theme and more), Hal Blaine on drums, Carol Kaye on bass, Larry Knechtel on keyboards, and later, Glen Campbell on guitar, mixed to provide hit after hit at Capitol and other studios “back in the day.” Fewer than 20 musicians were recording 20 hours a day cranking out about half of the Top 40. It is estimated that Hal Blaine played drums on over 35,000 tracks.

Kravitz, Tedesco, Blaine, Randi, and KOOL-FM dj’s

With Mike Kravitz (nephew of Hal Blaine) in Phoenix coordinating the introductions, practice sessions, and promo tasks, 13 Phoenix-area musicians (including Michael) collected into a small living room and rehearsed fewer than a dozen times to perform at the Phoenix premier/fundraiser of Tedesco’s movie at Skye Lounge in Peoria, Arizona, Tuesday night.

Celebs on hand included Hal Blaine, the drummer responsible for  over 40 number 1 hits for almost as many bands. An auction after the movie yielded a $425 bid for a signed Hal Blaine bass drum head. Fender donated a guitar and bass (perfect for autographs), and other companies provided miscellaneous items for the auction. In addition, Don Randi, a keyboardist in the Wrecking Crew, and producer,  answered questions with Hal during a Q & A session after the movie,  which entertained the audience with anecdotes of a by-gone era.

Michael Performs with Demolition

When the band started their musical set with “Be My Baby,” and rolled into “Help Me Rhonda” and “Mr. Tambourine Man,” the crowd was mesmerized. With all the parts covered, including a 4-piece horn section and a flute/sax player, everyone knew Demolition was the right tribute band for the movie.

It was a sell-out show at the Skye, and a wonderful entertaining evening for everyone who experienced the 60’s and 70’s, and the rock ‘n roll music that the period defined.

60 minutes before the movie

If you would like to help the most unknown hit-makers get their recognition through the full-scale release of this movie, by tax-deductible donation, by sponsoring a movie screening, or by bringing the band “Demolition” to a special fundraising event,  please contact Mike Kravitz at

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Michael Performs with Tribute to Wrecking Crew

Michael Performs with Demolition

Michael Performs with Tribute to Wrecking Crew

If you know anything about the ’60s and the music scene, you know that a handful of extremely talented LA session musicians were responsible for the hits of everyone from the Monkees to Simon & Garfunkle, from the Ronettes to Neil Diamond, from Frank Sinatra to the Mamas & the Papas. This group of musicians was known as “The Wrecking Crew.”

The drummer for The Wrecking Crew was Hal Blaine. His nephew, Mike Kravitz, a friend of Michael’s, has put a group of amazing musicians/vocalists together to honor the Wrecking Crew, and to perform where special screenings for the new Wrecking Crew movie (produced by Crew guitarist Tommy Tedesco’s son, Denny) is being shown.

The Phoenix debut of the movie is showing at the Skye Lounge in West Phoenix on Tuesday, April 17th. Get there early, as the movie starts at 7pm. The band plays a 40 minute set of classics including: Mr. Tambourine Man, California Dreamin’, Da Doo Ron Ron, Cherry Cherry, He’s A Rebel, and many more. Click here for a samples of Michael with Demolition.