Ultramedia makes apps for the iPhone/iPad market.
Most are educational, and ALL are for all ages.

Search the AppStore for the “Just 6” titles below. They are all iPhone/iPad compatible.

Pic3_640x1136JUST 6 NUMBERS ($1.99)

This app teaches the multiplication tables from 6’s to 9’s not including the squares. It runs from 6×7 to 9×8 in all positions. There are 12 questions with Just 6 Numbers as the answers.

Get them all correct? Then you get a timer’s check on your speed. Getting faster? Are you the fastest in your family?

Have fun and learn the numbers that stump those learning the multiplication tables the longest.


IMG_1200JUST 6 WORD TYPES ($0.99)

Learn your verbs from your adjectives, and conjunctions from prepositions in a fun, easy to understand app. Thirteen words in each sentence are highlighted one at a time, and you select the type of word each is from the 6 buttons shown.

There are several sentences, and each sentence has Just 6 Word Types. The game covers eight word types overall.

Learn grammar and have fun getting better scores while learning!


IMG_1123JUST 6 CONTINENTS Pro ($1.99)

There are over 120 countries whose flags are displayed with the country name, and you select on which continent they reside. Some of these countries are fairly new! Do you know geography? Test your skill on this app!

Once the selection is made, the flag is removed, and the location is highlighted on a world map.

Do you know where the North American plate ends and the South American plate begins? Which countries are in Asia, and which in Australia/Oceana?

With so many countries shown 12 in a game, you can play this game for hours and not see the same game twice. Have fun, and reinforce your geography knowledge!


IMG_1122JUST 6 PIECES ($0.99)

New to chess? Want a fun and easy way to learn how pieces move, and how the board is set up? Get this fun app to learn the Just 6 Pieces of chess. Which 2 pieces can move together? Which piece is worth 3 other pieces? Which royalty starts on its own color? Which pieces are involved in a 3-move mate?

Get this app to test your knowledge, or while learning the game of chess!


IMG_1185JUST 6 COLORS ($0.99)

This is a great app for those preparing to work with color, whether on a canvas, a computer screen, or a movie screen! There are also some unexpected questions, such as “The plural of this color is a musical style” or “This is the only edible color in the group.”

From mixing paint, to mixing light, to recognition of color picker values (RGB in #FFFFFF format), this app is like no other for exercising your knowledge of Just 6 Colors.

Have fun with this app, which like all the others, is equally at home on an iPhone or iPad.


iPhone1JUST 6 DECADES ($0.99)

This app is a sneaky way of studying history, while having fun! With questions numbering 120, shown 12 per game, your memory will be quickly tested by events you didn’t know, but were shown you a few minutes earlier.

Get the decade wrong? Don’t worry, the actual year appears in the button that normally shows the decade for the event.

Test the knowledge and memory of your whole family with this fun, portable game! Events happened from the 1950’s to the 2000’s.



When you’ve got to do trigonometry, the better you know the relationships of the sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant, the faster you’ll get through the trig problem solving process!

Knowing these is like knowing the multiplication tables. The information covered in this app is essential for those working their way through their school’s trig classes!

With Just 6 Trig Functions to choose from, you’d think a perfect score would be easy to get. Not so! Once you have a perfect score, try to increase your speed by decreasing your time. A perfect score is shown the time taken to play it.


Just6NetworksiPhone3aJUST 6 NETWORKS (free)

This newest app is only going to be mastered by those who watch a LOT of TV. Is that you? With over 140 TV shows given 12 per game, you can play for hours and not get the same game twice. This is a memory game, so try to remember the network for the given TV show the second time it rolls around!

There are Just 6 Networks to choose from, so before “networks” go the way of the floppy disc, get this app! Test your TV memory skills, and see if your favorite TV shows are included in this fun app!